Antoine Papot – OUAT Entertainment /

Antoine Papot Antoine started his professional career in charge of the acquisition of a gaming startup at the dawn of the Facebook advertising platform in 2007. Since then he has never left the performance marketing field. Passionate about the social, mobile and gaming industries, he has been working at OUAT Entertainment since 2010. [...]

Jean-Yves Lapasset – SEGA Europe

Jean-Yves Lapasset  I’ve been working for Sega in the last 4 years, as Director of Business analysis. I am in charge of the Market & Consumer research department. We lead consumer research for Sega West (US/EMEA) on key franchises (Sonic, Total War, Aliens, Football Manager, Company of Heroes, Endless franchises) and main consumer [...]

Yannick Elahee

Yannick Elahee Tavrox is a freelance marketing manager. He was previously an indie game developer and game designer. He's now specialized in influencers marketing and the latest social media innovations for Game Marketing. DOWNLOAD – YANNICK ELAHEE – PRÉSENTATION (2,6 MO) Facebook Twitter Medium [...]

Frédéric Rolland-Porché – Equilibre Games

Frédéric Rolland-Porché Frédéric Rolland-Porché is a video game creator. First working as a consultant, he created his own company Equilibre Games in 2012. He is a Unity teacher and has created the quickest industrialised advertising mobile games offer, Brand Your Game. Always eager to share, he is an active member of AngoulemeJV. [...]